Our first holiday as The Ball Family

So this is where our family travels begin. When I was pregnant with my first child I was nervous about whether we would be able to cope going away on holiday. I had always been on lots of holidays with friends and my husband took a sabbatical year from work to travel round the world so we both loved going away.

She was due in March so when the new year came round and the holiday bug hit like it does for everyone at that time of year we started to plan a trip.

As a child I had always been to Jersey with my family. It always felt like a foreign holiday as you either had to fly or get the boat yet it was still close and it obviously didn’t require a passport so we thought this would be a good option. We also decided to take my parents as well for support as surely 4 people to one baby would be a good ratio.

We were planning to go in July via boat rather than fly, then we could take everything we needed in the car with us to be prepares. We had to book Lottie under no name as we didn’t have one for her at this point. Lots of people worry about this but even when flying you don’t need to have a name for an infant at the time of booking.

It came to July and we went on our trip. We stayed in a hotel with half board as we thought it would be easier than self catering. Lottie was breastfed so we didn’t need to take any bottles and she hadn’t started weaning so it was only ourselves that we needed to worry about.
Having my parents with us was great as it meant we could go to dinner at separate times and they could go for a walk with Lottie afterwards.

There are so many beautiful beaches in Jersey and the zoo was a great day out. Obviously being new parents we got Lottie out of the buggy to show her everything and believed she really loved it!

Jersey wasn’t one of my budget holidays. I was new to the family holiday game and I went with convenience over price. Like anywhere in the UK it is often more expensive than abroad and you also have to factor in the travel for getting across so it is definitely more expensive than Cornwall. I would like to go back as obviously I have memories of our first holiday but we only had one holiday that year so I was happy to splash out whereas now I like to try to do as many as I can for my money.


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