Then there were four

steff-fRomeo was born in August 2012. Because I was heavily pregnant in the summer holidays we didn’t go away. Instead we had lots of days out to the coast in Kent. We love going to Dymchurch and Whitstable for a day trip when the sun is out as they are both around 40 mins away.

As Romeo was born in Steffan’s school holidays he didn’t need to take any paternity leave so we decided to delay him taking it until October. He took it around the half term holiday which meant for once we could go on a holiday in term time which we had not been able to take advantage of before.

We booked the holiday before Romeo was born but as I have mentioned in other posts this is totally fine as they put the child down as ‘infant’ until you have more details on a name.

Romeo was 6 weeks old when we went and Lottie was 18 months. We have a 17 month gap between them. So on the flight neither of them had their own seat. Luckily the flight wasn’t full because we were in term time and we also took my parents away with us again so we were well prepared.

We wanted some winter sun so decided on Fuerteventura as it was the cheapest of the Canaries. We wanted somewhere close to the beach but with a pool so we didn’t have to go far if we didn’t want to. We stayed in apartments that had all inclusive facilities too.

Romeo was breastfed so taking him away at 6 weeks was easy. I only had to take clothes for him as it is easy to find nappies and he didn’t need anything to be sterilised. We had a new double buggy and I was scared of getting it damaged on the plane so we bought 2 cheap strolls to take with us instead. This worked well as it meant my parents could take one child off for a walk to get them off to sleep and then we still had a buggy for the other.

Lottie at 18 month’s was probably the most awkward age for taking a child away. They don’t quite have the attention span to watch an ipad but they are into everything and walking so don’t want to sit still on the plane. Thank goodness for my parents being with us!

Again this wasn’t my cheapest holiday…I have definitely improved since then but again it was all still new to me. We were going abroad with 2 young children for the first time so I stuck to convenience over price again. I suppose it was a little cheaper with taking it in paternity leave but still I wouldn’t do this holiday again.

I wasn’t a fan of Fuerteventura…I am a sun worshiper and so not having wall to wall sun disappoints me. I’m ok if I am expecting it to be hit and miss but for some reason I thought it would be glorious sun and we only got about an hour a day! It was also really windy so it felt quite chilly at night. Maybe this is being harsh on the Island and I shouldn’t dislike somewhere because of the weather but I have now been to Lanzarote a few times and I much prefer it there.

The food wasn’t great either. All inclusive in Europe in 2012 was a fairly new concept…it had been big in Egypt and the Caribbean but not here. So it was the same food every day and there were no Al a Carte  restaurants within the hotel either. I like the ability to feed young children as soon as you walk in and they can try everything (then only end up eating chips) without having worry about it costing money. It’s also great for them spilling/wasting drinks and ice cream during the day but as an experience of eating as parents it isn’t enjoyable at all.

By the time one parent has been up to get the food for the child, then drinks and their own food whilst the other parent sits with children and watches the table its then time to switch and the other parent comes back to find everyone has finished and they are now going back to up get dessert. The whole experience is over in half an hour and then there is nothing else to do in the evening. We have been to lots of all-inclusives since but I still don’t like how they take away the experience of dining together.




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