Hotel rooms that cater for a family with 3 children in the U.K……mission impossible! 

Is a family with 3 kids really that unusual these days? The big hotel chains seem to think it is! If we want to stop over somewhere it for one night to visit relative or for a day trip then the only options for us are renting an apartment/house or booking out two rooms. 

Renting somewhere is often not possible as they want you to stay a minimum number of nights. Plus it’s much more expensive.

Booking two rooms in one hotel is so unenjoyable as with our kids all being under 6 it’s not like we can put them in one room and us in another. So we have to split the adults up instead. Great fun…and for twice the price! 

When one of the 3 children is under the age of 2 it’s apparently ok and they can cram a cot in and it not be a fire hazard. But when that child turns 2 they can no longer share the room whether it be in a cot or sharing the bed with their siblings because that is now a health and safety issue! 

Lots of the theme parks do a 5 person room…they know their market! But they aren’t cheap so can’t stay very often…if at all! 

I just wish the large hotel chains would do something to cater for families of 5 (or more!) They do so many offers for cheap rooms and say they are “family friendly” but only if you have 2 kids!!!

I’d love to know what other people with 3 kids do.


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