Day 1 of our 17 day holiday in Cornwall

We packed the car last night and went to bed early so that we could get up at 3am to leave by 4am. 
We are lucky that where we stay we are able to get in to the property whatever time we like. Previously leaving early has been an issue as we’ve had to wait around once we’ve got here to get in. But that is still better than sitting in traffic all day! 

We live in Kent so it’s driving across the width of the country, if we leave at 4am we do the drive in around 4 hours. We have left around 9am and 5pm in the past and both of those journeys took us closer to 8 hours…never again! 

We love timing it so we can go to a specific cafe on the A30. It’s at Okehampton…Whitehouse Services…it’s the best! In a morning you can order anything on the menu, not just breakfast! Today Lottie asked for a roast (at 7.45am) but the potatoes weren’t ready!!

It’s good food, friendly service and great value for money. We went on our way back from our Christmas stay and it was around lunch time…absolutely heaving! Apparently locals go there for Sunday lunch and book in advance. 

We arrived at 9am having stopped for an hour and it felt instantly like we were home. 

We unpacked and then decided we’d all have a nap to catch up from the early start.

If we were staying for a week we would want to get out straight away but having a long time we took it easy instead.

I booked a Tesco delivery to arrive in the evening so we didn’t have any food in for the day. We decided to eat on site but I don’t like eating out too often as even having a sandwich at £3 plus a drink each takes us to £20 minimum. 

They have an offer on for a Kids afternoon tea which is £7 and you get to keep the frisbee it is served on at the end. It included a milkshake, 2 ham brioche buns, a scone with ham and clotted cream, popcorn, smarties, a chocolate cake pop, flapjack, raisins and a chocolate brownie with popping candy. It was amazing! They were delighted with it. (Lottie had already eaten most of it when I came to take the photo!)

We played in soft play for about an hour then went for a swim. The pool is great…never too busy and not too deep so even Romeo is confident in there. On a Tuesday they have a huge inflatable in the pool to run across…the kids are already asking when that will be!

The entertainment was Punch and Judy followed by a magic show. Because of the Tesco delivery we had to leave before the bingo and disco but the entertainment is so well organised here. 

Atlantic reach is awesome for kids, especially young ones. There is entertainment in the day but we tend to go out so have never used this but good to know there is stuff if it was a rainy day and we couldn’t get out. It’s like a caravan park because of the entertainment but the luxury of a 4 bed/3 bed property! It’s near Newquay but out of town and close to the A30 so it’s easy to get to different beaches every day.

We rent off a private owner who does great rates but can you can get it through Hoseasons (we did once so I could use my Tesco club card points to get a discount) or you can go directly through Atlantic reach themselves. I would definitely recommend staying here.

The weather for the next week is looking sunny. Not as warm as Kent as nowhere ever is but as long as it’s not raining I’m happy. It was so hard to pack for 17 days in the UK in April…I’ve literally packed our entire wardrobes as no idea what weather we will have. 

I’m looking forward to blogging our adventures each day as I am often asked about places to visit and we know some great places to go with kids.


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