Crantock Beach

You always know a beach is going to be good when it’s a National Trust one! This is one of our favourites both in Summer and Winter. 

In Summer on a nice day, if you aren’t at the car park by 10am you won’t get on it!

We only have National Trust membership for me as we don’t really go into the gardens or houses etc but it’s brilliant for carparking in Cornwall. This way we pay about £60 for a year but the car parks are about £6 in high season for a day so can make the annual membership back in one 2 week holiday.

Today is the first time we have been in Spring and it was stunning. The thing that ruins it in Summer is the mass of people with tents and windbreakers (I include us in that mass!) It is also gorgeous in Winter but today the sun was shinning and it was bright blue skies and it was perfect!

There is an estuary that fills us when it is high tide and gets really deep. You aren’t allowed to swim in it as the current is very strong. On a very low tide it’s good for kids to collect water and have a little paddle.

By the time we were leaving it was much more shallow and at low tide you can even walk across via a small bridge that is put out in the peak season.

Also in high season they run a boat service across at high tide. It goes across to the Fern Pitt Cafe which does lovely food but we tend to go across to the shed at the bottom that sells Lobster. You can get them cooked or alive at a really good price. 

We always used to pitch our tent in the estuary part but since we have been coming in Winter we like to walk around and across the main beach to the end where you can walk up some steps/rocks with a handrail (at a low tide) to C Bay Hotel that does amazing food and pop in there for a hot chocolate before the walk back.

The beach has great caves to explore and crabbing on a low tide, sand banks that kids use their body boards to slide down as well as surfing and body boarding. It literally has everything! If you come to Cornwall and don’t go to Crantock you have definitely missed out! 


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