Port Isaac

I remember Port Isaac from when I was a little girl on family holidays so that is the attraction for me but lots travel to this little fishing village as it is where Doc Martin is filmed. There was also a film called Saving Grace set here that we watched after visiting last time.

We park on the New Road car park rather than the first one you come to. They are trying to keep people out of the main village itself which is rightly so as it’s very narrow driving down! We took a wrong turn today and had to drive through the main part and I didn’t enjoy it one bit…don’t know how the fishing vans get down there! 

It was ridiculously windy today, we were expecting it and that’s why we changed our plans from a bike ride. But the views are still gorgeous.

On a low tide there are rock pools and a cave to look in as well as the harbour wall to climb up. But it was nice to see the fishing boats in on the high tide.

There are loads of little coffee shops and fish restaurants to chose from but we always go to the Chapel Gallery and Cafe. Even tho it’s a gallery it’s really child friendly with books for the kids to read. 

If you carry on walking past the cafe you find ‘Doc Martin’s house’ but it’s worth walking up even if you aren’t a fan as the views back are lovely. 

We picked up some fresh fish on our way back. The fish shop is right on the beach…it’s only open in a morning. 

There is a lifeboat station that you can look into (only for about a minute of entertainment but the kids still enjoyed it).

We always manage to pass a few hours here on a fair/bad weather day. There used to be a shop that sold kids ‘tat’ for around £1 and they always got a present from there but now it sells more wooden toys and is expensive so the kids were a bit disappointed that they didn’t get anything other than a postcard today.

We then drove to Port Quin which is a few miles on to eat lunch. There isn’t much here at all but there is a National Trust car park with picnic tables and a small beach. 

Cornwall often has rainy mornings and then it brightens up in the afternoon so this is one of my recommendations for waiting for the weather to pass! 


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