People had mentioned Portreath but I had never been so given it was close to Heartlands we thought we would combine the two for a day out. 

As you drive down the steep slope it looks very similar to Mawgan Porth which is a beach we often go to. 

There is a large car park at the bottom which you pay for on exit which I like as I never know how long I’m going to be and always get it wrong and end up rushing to get back.

As beautiful as the weather looks as the moment it’s still early April so it’s only around 11 degrees and there is a slight wind so it’s a bit chilly to sit out. So again we had a car picnic looking out at the waves crashing into the harbour wall. 

We went for a walk around the harbour first. It’s a small working harbour and the boys were very excited to talk to “a real life fisherman!” I’ve never seen houses to close to a harbour before. It had a feel to me of Old Jack’s Boat (a CBeebies tv programme) as a couple of the houses had the colourful doors and there were lobster pots everywhere.

Like most harbours there were lots of teenagers in wetsuits jumping off the walls. 

We had a walk to the end to look back over the beach.

Then the kids stood by the waves crashing to see if they would get wet. I knew something would happen so it was no surprise when Xavier fell over and got completely soaked and we all had to go back to get him changed.

We went onto the beach so they could build some sand castles but there was just moaning from them all! The beach is shingle with lots of large rocks too so they couldn’t build sand castles apparently. It was also pretty chilly sitting out there even in wellies and coats.

It’s so funny the mixture of what people are wearing at this time of year. I’m fully wrapped up in winter wear as most parents are but then I’ve seen them applying suncream to their kids who are in the sea in just swimming costumes! 

It was nice to see a new beach and I can imagine in summer it gets busy but the shingle didn’t please my little people and with so many other beaches I’m more impressed with I’m not sure we would be go back unless we had been to Heartlands to tie the two together. 


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