Bedruthan Steps

We have been here once before but didn’t get to experience it in its full glory like we did today.

It’s a National Trust beach so parking was free for members. The timings for visiting here are vital, you can only access the beach from Mid-February to the end of October and on days it is open you can’t go down the steps from 2 hours before high tide. 

You can always go and look over the edge to see the stunning views if you are passing and the timings aren’t right for going down to the beach.

The steps down to the beach are VERY steep and slippery even on a dry day. There are over 100 steps so it is a bit of a mission but it is worth it if you can do it.

We saw people as we were leaving carrying down picnics and surf boards so obviously in for the long haul as the tide was only just going out but we had only planned for a quick visit and didn’t have many hands free with helping the kids down.

We were there early so it was empty…it was unbelievable to have such a dramatic beach to ourselves.

We didn’t feel like we were in the UK at all…breathtaking beach. Highly recommended…but you must plan ahead.


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