Mawgan Porth

One of my favourite things about this beach is the lack of phone signal on most networks! Unless the tide is out and you go all the way to the bottom it’s no service all day. That might sound like an odd reason to like it but you can totally switch off. Make sure you make plans to meet anyone before you go.

There are 2 big car parks so not usually a problem of finding somewhere to park. The one next to the fish and chip shop has an honesty box out of season where you can make a donation. In summer you can get a refund on your parking here if you spend some money in one of the shops so we tend to use this one.

On the left hand side of the beach there is a stream which most people sit next to so young children can play in and keep them entertained all day. 

We always walk further along to the right past the lifeguard hut and sit near the wall for shelter. It’s always quieter here so more room for the kids to run around. 

When the tide is fully out there are fabulous rock pools on the left hand side of the beach. We left it a bit late this time as the tide was coming in so we didn’t catch any crabs but we usually never fail. 

The tide comes very close to the top at high tide but always room to sit. It’s amazing how small the beach becomes in such a short amount of time.

There is a surf school and an art school if you are interested in having lessons in either. 

Our kids know this beach as the one where they are allowed double ice creams. The price of a double here is the same as a single everywhere else in Cornwall!

The Village stores has a Deli at the back where they make fresh sandwiches to order or you can buy freshly made pasties and sausage rolls. 

Then there is the fish and chip shop which we often go to before we go home as eating chips on the beach always makes them taste better! 

The only downside to the area is the toilets. They were going to be shut down by the council so now they are private and you have to pay 20p. I’m usually happy to pay but they aren’t very well kept at all. The barrier for the 20p wasn’t working but then there was no water in the sink at the moment either so that maybe why. 

We went to this beach of New Years Eve for a walk and then went to the restaurant (Catch…very good food) for lunch so this is a good beach to check out at all times of the year. 


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