Cornish Seal Sanctuary

We have looked at going here before but we don’t like spending money on activities when beaches are free. But now we have Merlin Annual Passes so we can get in for free rather than paying around £60. I’m sure we’ve made our money back on the passes now! 

I had been told before we went that it wasn’t somewhere to spend all day as it is quite small so I was pleasantly surprised.

There are obviously seals but they are broken down into sections showing them from when they arrive at the hospital due to being rescued to when they are ready to go back into the wild.

When you arrive they give you a quiz that is brilliantly designed. You have to find 10 questions around the park and you don’t right the answer onto the card, instead you scratch off to reveal the answer. So much easier than trying to use pens with nothing to lean on! If you get all the questions right and hand it back at the end you get a medal…that’s show and tell sorted for next week!

There is a safari bus to take you down or you can walk. I think the bus doesn’t run in low season and the walk is fairly steep. 

There are talks and feeding times regularly throughout the day and because the layout is well planned you can get to each of them easily without rushing. 

Our favourite parts were the underwater viewing areas.
There isn’t just seals. There are also sea lions


Otters and an interactive rock pool area where we got to stroke a crab. You can tell this is owned by the same people as the sealife aquariums.

There is a small play park shaped as a pirate ship which was all my 3 wanted to go on! No matter where you take them they always find the park the best bit!

We could probably have stayed even longer and looked at the horses and goats etc as well as go on the nature trail but we were hungry and hadn’t taken our packed lunch in with us. That was bad planning as there is an unbelievable about of picnic benches! 

We had a snack in the cafe and it was very well priced…definitely not standard Merlin prices!

Would we go again…definitely if we still had our passes. If we didn’t then I would be making sure I had a voucher as £60 would be too much in my opinion. All the visit Cornwall maps etc have 2 for 1 vouchers in there so if you could get it down to more like £30 it would be a good value day out. Romeo who is animal mad said it was his favourite day out ever and Lottie who hates looking at animals and fish said it wasn’t as boring as usual so it must have been good. 

Oh and for those who have dogs (everyone brings their dogs on holiday to Cornwall!) they are allowed in too.


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