Planning days out in Cornwall

I have a huge list of places we like to go to and there are still places that I haven’t been to but my days out are always dictated by the weather. 

I have wet weather places like Truro for some shopping or Flambards (only using my Tesco club card points!) where we can go into the Victorian village if it rains.

Then there are ok but not sunny beach places. We like St Michael’s Mount, Fowey or the ferry trip from Falmouth to St Mawes. I really want to go to Mousehole, Minack theatre or Tintagel.

The thing with the South-west though is that the weather comes in so fast that it’s hard for the forecasters to predict what it’s going to be like until it actually happens. It likes to rain A LOT in the south-west! It can be terrible weather in the morning and fantastic in the afternoon. 

Plus the north coast can have different weather to the south and the tip different to  inland.

And then which weather app do you believe…obviously they are all different and you only want to believe the best.

Now I could just pick my plans and stick with them whatever the weather but that’s just not me. If there is a chance I can be in the sun then I will always pick that option. It’s so much easier if you haven’t got to carry coats for 3 little people just in case it’s going to rain. 

We do quite a bit of driving when we are in Cornwall. We are happy to drive up to an hour a day to go and visit places. That’s why we stay where we do. We are close to the A30 so we can get out and about. People always comment when we come home that our photos look like we’ve had nice weather but that’s because we go where the weather is. 

My tip for Cornwall is not to plan what you are doing each day. Have ideas of where you would like to go but wait until the morning to see what the weather is going to be as the weather reports always change overnight. Sometimes we are even in the car driving to one place and then decide to go somewhere else on the way!

The key thing is to be prepared! We have a bag of beach clothes and towels and wetsuits in the car at all times so even if we go shopping in Truro, if it’s sunny on the way back we head off to the beach! Having the tent means we are easy for getting changed wherever we go. 

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