Saving money on food whilst on a self-catering holiday in the U.K. 

We have been on holiday at all different times of year in the U.K. and to different locations so we have learnt what extras we need to take with us. But this one is a must for me!

I suppose it depends on what type of person you are in the kitchen at home as to whether you agree on this one but we love taking our slow cooker away with us!

It means that no matter what time we leave the beach dinner will be ready. There is nothing worse than getting home from the beach with tired little people and having to resort to cooking from scratch. 

Before we started taking it we always ended up getting the kids fish and chips or other takeaway meals so they had a quick meal but for a 2 week holiday I find it too unhealthy. Don’t get me wrong, we still love having chips on the beach as a snack!

We often get ourselves some local fish/shellfish as a starter so we are eating something more exciting than we would at home to make it feel more like a holiday but the kids just want something speedy.

We also can’t afford to eat out every night with there being 5 of us especially over 2 weeks. Maybe if we were only there for a week we would eat out more but meals for our size family are always over £40 and that’s what increases the cost of the holiday. 

We ate out at ASK when we were down in Cornwall but I planned it advance and used my Tesco club card points so I only had to pay for the drinks. I find eating out ties us to times with a young family. We need to stop our daytime activities early to get ready as we can’t be too late else they are too hungry or too tired. So we saved the eating out as an activity for a rainy day and had lunch out.

At Christmas I knew I wanted to go for a walk on Christmas Day and I didn’t want to be rushing back so I used the slow cooker to cook my meat. We don’t like turkey so I suppose that made it easier…not sure you could get a slow cooker big enough to put one in! It can also help out if the oven is smaller than you are used to for cooking a roast as your meat isn’t taking over.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, we take a packed lunch whenever we can. We like doing pulled pork in the slow cooker for one evening and then we have pulled pork wraps for lunch for the next few days much cheaper than the same thing you can buy out and makes packed lunches a bit more exciting.

I do my Tesco shop online weeks in advance before we go away and then it arrives the first evening. This way I have my meals planned (mostly around the slow cooker) and I haven’t got to spend the holiday worrying about food. If we are there for a few weeks we get another shop half way through to top us up. 

I’m tight on food on holidays because of the volume of holidays we go on. If it was my one holiday of the year I would want more of a treat and wouldn’t want to be cooking at all. But it’s the cost cutting like this that helps me afford my other trips.

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