Slow cooker recipes for holidays with kids

After my last post I had a few requests for a list of slow cooker recipes that I use. I have only put my holiday ones down as these are good ones that don’t require lots of dry ingredients, so you don’t need to take extras away with you or buy things whilst you are away and then only need 1 teaspoon and then waste the rest.

Pulled Pork
My all time favourite in the slow cooker is pulled pork. It’s so easy to do as I literally get a joint of pork and put it in for 8 hours! No sauce no pre-cooking…nothing at all!

I always get a shoulder joint and usually quite a large piece as I want it to do several meals. If the piece fills my slow cooker (Mine is a 3.5 litre) then I put it on medium for the whole day instead of low as I’ve had it not be ready in the past.

When we get in from the day out, I drain the fat, take the string off and put it back in. The kids don’t like having a sauce on it, so for them I will just take some of it out at this point for them. Because it’s only just been cooked it is still moist and not dried out so they are happy to eat it without the sauce.

I like to make a BBQ sauce for us. If we are away often I buy a marinade ready done as it does save on ingredients. But knowing I am going to make it I do take these few of these ingredients with me from home.

For my simple BBQ sauce recipe (it’s not a completely from scratch one!)

  • 8 tablespoons of soft brown sugar
  • 8 tablespoons of ketchup
  • 2 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of paprika

Put them all in a pan and heat until it bubbles then pour it over the pork. Put it back in the cooker for half hour or so or until you are ready to eat. Just watch that it doesn’t catch on the sides.

We had 3 days worth last time so we added pulled pork to burgers, had them in wraps with coleslaw and my favourite was Steff made nachos but put a layer inbetween…it was amazing!

So easy to make…although seeing the ingredients of BBQ sauce has put me having it too often! No wonder it tastes good!

Beef Brisket

Our next go-to recipe in the slow cooker is Brisket Beef. This is what we had at Christmas and always do for a roast when we are away.

We get quite a large piece of brisket (sometimes even 2 pieces) and quickly seal it in a frying pan (it’s better if it’s a fairly deep one) Literally to just brown it. Steff takes the string off to do it but I never do.

Once browned put it into the slow cooker on a low heat (I now remove the string).

In the pan you have used add a glass and a half of red wine and a beef stock cube (not made up with water) I use the knorr rich beef ones. I then add a bit of water…about 100ml. Add salt and pepper and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Once all bubbling add to the slow cooker.

That’s all you do…easy…and it makes beef with a gorgeous gravy! The kids even like the gravy but if they don’t like it because of the wine the beef is moist enough on its own and only has a subtle flavouring.  I try to turn it if we do come back early but doesn’t matter too much if you are out and can only turn at the very end. It goes well with just mash and carrots as a quick fix instead of with a roast.

My other recipes for when we are away are a bit of a cheat to be honest!

I buy the slow cooker packets from Schwartz and just use those as again they cut down the ingredients that I have to buy as you don’t want loads of things that you just use 1 tsp of etc and then either waste or have to take home. 

The kids don’t like the curry one but we do so I do them something different that day. They like this one and the sausage and bean one though.


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