The SwimFin

When I was in 6th form at school we were allowed to do our assistant swimming teachers award as part of PE lessons. I lived for swimming when I was that age. I was swimming between 6 and 9 times a week so I loved the idea of being a swimming teacher too. 

When I went to uni I became a swimming teacher in my spare time. It was much better than working in a bar as it was something I enjoyed and it paid loads better too.

I always dreamed I would teach my kids to swim. Little did I know that kids don’t listen to parents! So instead I pay for someone to teach all 3 of them…complete waste of money but never mind…it’s a life skill and they have to learn.

When I taught small children I was never a fan of armbands. They don’t allow any movement in the arms. The discs are a bit better as you can remove some at a time to lower the help they are providing but they still don’t let kids move their arms in the right way. 

Noodles/woggles…the long thin floats…seem to be a current popular choice but they don’t allow them to put their arms over the water and instead make children stick to doggy paddle. They are also not attached so if a child lets go they are without any aid. I remember one small child doing this to me when I was teaching and it scared the life out of me.

When we went away when Lottie was about 2 I saw a boy with a shark fin on his back and thought it was just a fashion item. I then researched them and found that the swim fin was a floating aid. 

They go around the chest and don’t restrict the arms at all. As they are on their back where they can’t see them they soon forget they are even on. They are fantastic for learning to swim but they also give peace of mind on safety even for those that think they are confident swimmers.

We get the kids to wear them on the boat when we are in Greece and even though I know Romeo is fine in the water I will make him wear one in the pool all holiday just so he can go in any part of the pool and I don’t need to worry. 

Xavier has taken to his the best. He is so confident in the water as he has worn one from a young age. His technique is better than the others as he gets his arms over and out of the water. It also lifts them from their back rather than from the shoulders so gives them a better positioning in the water. You wouldn’t think it but you can even do backstroke in them. 

The kids love them as well as everyone thinks they are sharks! We get stopped all the time as people are so intrigued by them.

I would definitely recommend them as a swim aid but also as a holiday essential to make sure the kids are always safe by the pool no matter how well they think they can swim. A whole day in the pool is exhausting and this just takes that edge off.

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