Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote 

We’ve stayed at Sands Beach twice and I really want to go back again. 

The first time we went we booked with Low Cost holidays…I miss them…I used to book through them all the time. We went in the Easter holidays as we were looking for sunshine but not too many places are warm at the beginning of April.

The second time we went for Christmas. I tried to book it separately through the hotel itself but then discovered they were nowhere near as cheap as doing it with an agent. We used Monarch but now Jet2holidays are flying from London Stanstead they are much cheaper again.

The cheapest way I can work out is to get one of the private rentals off owners direct or airbnb but they are so popular or the owners are using them for themselves when we want to go so they never have availability. 

Why is it so good? Well the hotel is divided into several sections and they each centre around a swimming pool. There is then a beachfront option, this is where we stay. It is a man-made Beach that has a shallow lagoon that fills up from the sea that is just behind the main wall. It is absolutely perfect for a family with young children.

You are in your apartment that is self-catering and within 2 metres you are on the beach. You have your own Sun loungers on the patio and a BBQ area but there is no need to go dragging things down to the beach as you are right there. The water is so shallow the kids can play without the worry of going deep…it’s amazing.

The apartments are fairly spacious and have good cooking facilities. A lot of places that claim to be self-catering but just have a microwave but these have ovens and dishwashers (I don’t know if the ones off the beach do as the beachfront ones are “superior” apartments.)

There are 7 swimming pools…they are freezing but kids don’t seem to mind. The pool in the middle of the lagoon is apparently heated but I’m not convinced so stick to taking the photos.

The hotel is used by triathletes so it has a great training pool (they even give free swimming lessons for kids) and a good standard gym.

There is a free kids club and entertainment every evening…not something you usually get when you go self-catering. 

You can hire sup’s and kayaks on the lagoon for free so loads to do.

We have been half-board both times we’ve stayed. We would have gone self-catering the second time as you don’t need to be half board as it’s nice to eat by the beach in your own apartment but because it was Christmas we wanted to have that included. 

The food is really good. It’s a buffet situation which isn’t my favourite with the kids but there is a good choice and at Christmas it was fantastic. Cava was on the drinks stand every morning for breakfast! 

There is a shop on site which isn’t too badly priced to be fair. But it is only a short walk into town along the beach or via the main road where there are a few cheaper shops.

Costa Teguisa has lots of bars and restaurants but we’ve never eaten out except for ice creams with staying half board. 

There are several places to hire bikes and the family bikes are great fun! 

It’s more expensive than I usually pay for a holiday as it is popular in school holidays and obviously it’s somewhere that gets sun all year round. At Christmas it was 25 degrees and they had santa come round in a golf buggy! Apparently he used to come on a camel so we were slightly disappointed! It is one of the most relaxing places we’ve been away tho as I could lie on my lounger by the beach and every time someone needed the toilet or a drink we didn’t need to keep packing up to go off the beach as everything was right there. 

The first time we went Xavier was only a year old so we could put him for naps in the room and then I could sit on the patio in the sun whilst Mr B played with the others on the beach. Other holidays we’ve been on I’ve had to walk around trying to find shade for him to sleep or pushing a buggy up and down trying to get them to sleep.

I would recommend this place for families with young children but I would only stay in the beach front apartments. I think the pools are too cold and I would also be worrying about the kids in the pool the whole time with them being right on the doorstep. The pool apartments are cheaper and obviously you can still use the beach but it’s being on the beach that makes the hotel for me. 

It is perfect for going away at Christmas…I know people are always worried about what to expect but it was so relaxing and still had a Christmas feel as he hotel laid on all the activities. I think the perfect time would be for New Years! I need to work on saving for that.

Be warned…there are a few beachfront apartments that are slightly round the corner I think they are 46 to 51…they aren’t beachfront! There is a sea wall in front of them so you don’t have the pleasure of being on the beach. We were put here the first time but I was not amused and complained A LOT so we were moved to number 30 which was much better. It’s worth emailing the hotel in advance to request the room that isn’t at that end. you can see the ones I mean in the photo below.

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