Holiday Towels

When we went to Greece in the summer we were really limited on space in our cases so I was worried about how we were going to fit 5 beach towels in the cases.

Getting fresh beach towels every day on holiday would tempt me to go on an all-inclusive more than the alcohol! I hate how they get so smelly so quickly. When you go self-catering abroad you often don’t have a washing machine or a nearby laundry so washing towels is difficult and they take a fair amount of time to dry even in the sun.

So I decided to invest in a few chamois towels. I had always used a small version in my swimming days at galas. We used it to dry off most of the water then we wouldn’t be sat round all day with a a wet towel. Steff also took one when he went travelling but I don’t know why I haven’t thought of investing in them for a family holiday sooner. 

They do various sizes and various colours. We got the 130cm x 80cm ones off Amazon for £8.99…although Xavier’s was only £7.99 as it was a random colour. 

They came in a bag and fold up so flat and small. I can’t find this make anymore but there are plenty of others around. 

I have to say they have been a complete game changer and not just for holidays. On Fridays when we all go swimming the bag is now no longer loaded up with 5 massive towels! 

They are super soft and dry so fast! We would wash them out on holiday and they were dry within hours. 

They worked well as a cover over the kids whilst they were napping as they are thin so they didn’t get too hot.

We only got 3 for Greece but I will be buying two more so that we all have them for future holidays. 

No more “wet dog” smelling towels for us! 


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