Elf on the shelf ideas

I know this isn’t at all travel related and it’s only November but those that know me will know I love Christmas and I love doing Elf on the shelf. 

This will be the 4th year of doing it and I started thinking of things to do for it and buying props back in August. I find it so much easier if I have a few set up in advance so the “when is it over??!” feeling doesn’t come until at least half way through! Dollar Tree was awesome for getting props and ideas when we were in Florida…hopefully I’m sorted for a week or so.

People will think I’m crazy but it’s become part of my kids childhood and I try to do everything I can to make it magical. 

They love the elves and talk about what they have been up to for the whole year! I always say I’m going to stop as it is really hard work but I can’t see me stopping until they stop believing…and even then I can see them making me do it anyway!

I know lots of people do it these day but I thought I would write a post to help those who are struggling for ideas. I know I often google and try to get inspiration at the start or last minute ideas when I’ve gone to bed and forgotten!

The first year we did it I just plonked him around the house…I wish I had stuck with just doing that! The second year I made the error of going too serious which meant last year was a struggle! This year I reckon I can recycle a few from previous years and hope to get a way with it…although Lottie has an amazing memory and can probably list them all back in chronological order!

I will be annoying everyone on Instagram with my daily updates so if you are still looking for ideas on the day have a look on there. 

Plastic cup Christmas tree

Crepe paper tree

Post-it note message

Daddy’s pants balloon ride

Wrapping the entire bathroom…nothing was left unwrapped!

New toothbrushes

Bubble bath

Elves on the toilet

Elf milk

Gone fishing

Candy cane sleigh

Barbie house

Fridge snowman

Lego trapped elves

Bow takeover

Space elves

Movie night

Snow dome

Mission impossible

Mini workout

Pie face 

North Pole breakfast


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