Canaries Cruise

With just two weeks to go to our first cruise I am beyond excited.

I joined a Facebook group for the ship so I can get as much info from other passengers about what I need to take and what to expect etc. I have a feeling we are going to be the youngest people on it by about 20 years and everyone seems to be grumbling that kids are a nuisance…they ain’t seen nothing til they have witnessed my 3 charging around.

We are going on the Marella Dream. When I booked it was Thompson but they have since changed to Tui and the cruise part has changed to Marella.

It’s a small ship apparently, only 1,500 passengers. There isn’t tonnes of stuff to do like some of the ships you hear about. No ice rink or climbing walls or cinema. But it has a couple of pools, a gym a theatre and a kids club so I was pretty happy with that.

I think if we start off with one of the most basic and like it then I may be tempted to pay more in the future.

I found the holiday through Iglu cruises. I feel really mean because the lovely lady did so much research of all the different ships and destinations and sent me so many emails but just as I was about to book I looked on Tui and saw it was £400 cheaper to do it myself. Like Steffan said I can give her the £400 when I next go out with a drink with her!

We are in two separate cabins. It would have been nice to all be in one but they only have them on certain company ships and because there are so few of them they get booked up literally years in advance.

We don’t even know if we will be near each other! It’s £45 per cabin to book the one you want so that would have been an extra £90 and I refuse to pay that. We have an outside plus that sleeps 4 and an inside that sleeps 2. Steff says he doesn’t mind not having a window so that saved us money. I’m hoping that we will be able to sort something that the five us can squeeze sleeping in the 4 person one but I don’t know if it will be just too small.

We booked so far in advance we got a drinks package included so it’s completely all inclusive. We haven’t been all inclusive in ages, I can’t wait to be relaxed about what we eat and how many drinks/ice creams the kids want. We are there for Valentine’s Day so we can eat out just the two of us for once as the kids will be in kids club.

We fly to Gran Canaria and the ship sails each night and gets into one of the Canary Islands each morning so you have the whole day there. We also head up to Madeira and have one day at sea travelling back from there.

Everyone says the Canaries are warm all year but I have a feeling in February that it can be windy so I’m not banking on wall to wall sunshine and I’m even packing jumpers. I just hope the sea isn’t so choppy it puts me totally off cruising. Madeira is quite a bit north of the Canaries so I think it’s chilly in comparison and it’s that crossing that can be rough.

We haven’t booked any excursions as I have been reading on the Facebook group that it is easy enough to do it on your own so we’ll at least have a potter around to a beach each day. The picture at the top is from Lanzarote and we know where we are going there as we have walked down to the port before so we might have at least one day of sightseeing. I really hope we get to hire one of these again…

I remember watching Jane Macdonald’s cruise program when I was younger and that always made me want to go on one. Then a few years ago Romeo saw a similar program and he made me promise one day I would take him on one. People say that once you go you never stop…we’ll see as I’m not sure I am rich enough to keep doing it.

Now it’s getting closer I can’t decide why I thought it would be go to go away in February. Yes it will be nice to see some sun but I am not over the Christmas eating and got myself beach ready yet. I only finished the mince pies last night! Maybe I will be grateful for fleece weather after all.

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