Enjoying the airport

We like our holiday to begin as soon as we arrive at the airport. Steffan always insists on leaving ridiculously early for the airport. He gets nervous about the M25 being busy so we have often got there before check-in has even opened. Who knew there was so much to do landslide at Gatwick airport!

When we fly we always book meet and greet parking. It’s a bit more expensive but with 3 kids the hassle of getting them all on a bus to the terminal with 5 bags is too much effort.

I book a long way in advance and wait for an offer email or I book it through my work cash back site and usually get about 20% back. We have used loads of different companies. I tend to prefer the ones that get you to go to a short stay car park and then take the car for you rather than the ones that make you pull up outside as they are in a rush to get you out and moved on.

The walk from the car park is usually under 2 mins so it’s really convenient and easier for us than getting a taxi to fit us all. When we go in February half term it’s costing under £60 to park for the week. A taxi from where we live is around £60 each way.

On the way back you call after picking up the luggage and they have it ready and waiting for you back at the car park.

Once we have checked in we like to go to a lounge. There are usually only a few children in there but they are welcome and some have a dedicated children’s area.

We usually go to No.1 lounge but this time with my tastecard I have got us in to the My Lounge for £10 each. It isn’t quite a luxurious as the other…it only has wine and beer not spirits included but there are plenty of snacks to keep the kids happy and it’s guaranteed seats.

When we have been to No.1 lounge we haven’t booked in advance and they have done 2 for 1 in adults and let the kids in for free. That makes it even cheaper than My Lounge but if you don’t book in advance you can have the disappointment of it being full. I would never pay full price as they start at £18 per person for MyLounge and £32 for No.1 but you can always get discounts if you book at the same time as parking etc.

If we go for a meal anywhere in the airport it is usually costing around £40 but a lounge gives us unlimited food and drinks plus newspapers so it’s worth it

We didn’t do it when we went to Lapland as our flight was early in the morning and we wouldn’t have got the full 3 hours out of it. Plus I never feel it’s worth it in the morning as you don’t drink (as much) alcohol and breakfast isn’t as expensive to buy.

With the lounge access we also get free premium security entry, we’ve not used this before but anything added is a bonus.

We live about 40 mins from Gatwick and an hour from Heathrow. We could also get to Luton and Stansted in about an hour and a half so we are lucky to have lots of choice when booking flights. We never book in at the airport hotels as even for early flights it’s not worth the added cost.

Lacking on photos on this post as I haven’t been in a lounge for a recently…here is one when we went to Lanzarote and Xavier was a very round 1 year old!

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