Packing for Disney

The flights we originally booked with Disney changed giving us a 5 hour stop over so I had to change the flights in January. To make them cheaper we booked basic economy with United which doesn’t include baggage. We have to pay $60 EACH WAY for any cases we want to take. So I’m limiting us to one case for 12 nights between 5 of us. This is definitely going to be a challenge. Basic economy doesn’t usually include carry-on cases but it does with transatlantic flights so we are going to use 2 of our hand luggage as small cases too.

One of our hand luggage bags is this Trunki bag that doubles up as a car seat so we can cut car hire costs when we are there.

These were such a good investment. They have room underneath to use as a bag on the plane plus the boys take them to every football match they go to watch as a booster seat.

So with limited space I can’t take everything I want to but there are some essentials/money saving items I know we need to take from having been before.

Park bag

I can’t resist a Disney accessory so I am planning on taking this for when we are only going to the park for a couple of hours.

When we are going for a whole day we’ll take the rucksack as we might need to take a change of clothes. The kids want to dress up as princess/buzz/woody but it’s far too hot to be in fancy dress all day. Minimal is best with bags especially for getting through security even if you have a buggy to put it on it’s still best not to overload as you still to get it all out so they can hunt through it. There are so many rules about what is/isn’t allowed. Last week they brought in a rule about loose ice no longer being allowed. I’ve also packed some essential items to put in the day bag, which ever bag we are using.


Last time I bought some in advance off eBay, nice Disney themed ones. Error! They were really poor quality and ripped straight away. In October when we went we didn’t even need any, so this time I’m just going to buy them there. The ones from Disney are more expensive but they are much better quality. Plus rumour has it that if it rips and you still have the receipt they will swap it for a new one. We have however purchased a poncho for our bag! When the rain comes down in Florida it really comes down and everything gets soaked! So I’ve got this waterproof cover so if we do have spare clothes etc they will stay dry. It’s basically like a giant shower cap.


It’s currently around 28 degrees out there at the moment…which is cool compared to summer…but if you think about it hitting 28 degrees in the UK…we all melt! Try walking around parks and standing in queues in that! 3 years ago Xavier was only 2 and he absolutely roasted so we got him a Disney fan with water bottle attached. It worked for cooling him down but he basically just soaked himself! So this time we have bought these handheld fans off eBay which are rechargeable. And this particular one has a torch on the bottom too! We used one in Greece last year and it was fab.


There are so many places to get Mickey/Minnie ears when you get there but they are $27 so much better to buy in advance and then you can get different designs. I researched different makers and found CheekyBeans…would definitely recommend!

As well as these we also got some glow stick ears. We picked them up for 99p each and have 2 packs of glow sticks to take too so we can reuse them. When you watch any of the evening shows/fireworks they are always selling glow/light up ears/toys. They are so expensive that having something to tempt the children away from wasting all their holiday money on it is worth it.


I want to wear Disney related clothes most days…yes me as well as the kids. It may sound ridiculous if you have never been, I didn’t do anything Disney last time only for the kids but it’s totally normal to be head to toe in Disney.

Primark have a great range of Disney clothes but I wanted vests not T-shirt’s as it’s too hot…Primark is more geared up for Europe than Florida. So I have been buying t-shirts for us all over the past year off eBay. I’ve even got Mr B a few outfits!

We are taking a hoodie each too. Even though it’s 28 degrees in the day when you are heading out at 6.30am or out at 10pm it does drop in temperature and can get chilly.

We can save room on towels…I love that my microfibre ones wouldn’t take up much room but not taking any is even better. We get pool towels at the resort and with staying onsite we get them at the water parks too. So for our bag to take to the water parks I’ve just picked up a Disney tote bag from Primark to keep our swimwear and goggles in.


I’ve seen packing cubes before but not invested until now. I feel I need as much help as possible to fit it all in. I was recommended these ones by a friend who has had them for a few years and they are still going strong. There are 6 in the set and I’ve fitted all my clothes and Steff’s clothes into the two larger ones. It should mean unpacking is easy as everyone’s clothes will be in one bag and apparently clothes aren’t as creased from being packed so tightly…fingers crossed!

Electrical items

We’ve got a power pack to take into the park with us. My phone is quiet good with battery but using it for photos, the Disney app and the Disney play app it will definitely need some charge in the day.

Lottie got an underwater camera a few years ago for Christmas. It’s a cheap version of a go-pro but it’s fab to take into the water parks. I also have waterproof pouches to put my phone in but I’m tempted to just leave all my valuables behind and just take the mini camera. The lockers are $10 for a small one and $15 for large. We are going to the water parks nearly everyday so that would add up over 13 days.

We always take a uk extension cable with us. This way we can charge 4 electrical items at once with only one adapter plug. Apparently the rooms have USB sockets to charge from so that might save me room on the charger but I’ve read reviews that a lot of them are broken in rooms.

Plane activities

I saw the colouring in packs in Lidl so got those and a few games to play on the plane. We might not be sitting together tho….it’s $25 a person for each of the 4 flights to pre-book seats! No way am I paying for the privilege of sitting with my kids…I’d rather pay for them to sit with someone else for the 12 hours! I keep checking online at the pre-bookable seats and all the ones that are left are all towards the back anyway so we’ll be in the same vicinity at least. Most of the time we just sit watching movies or playing on iPads anyway so definitely not worth the extra spend.


My kids never wear sunglasses even when we go away to Greece in the summer. But I remember them all complaining how bright it was in Florida so I’ve picked up a couple of pairs from Primark for £1 each.


We are massively cutting down on toiletries. I’ve done my research and they provide big bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the room. Even though we are opting out of Mousekeeping we can still ask for more if we run out so I’m just taking two small bottles as I’m fussy with shampoo/conditioner but the others can use the ones provided.

We are also not taking a hairdryer and using the one provided…if it’s rubbish I will cry but it’s space I can’t justify giving up.


We are on the dining plan so we will be having breakfast out most days. However, the boys always wake up and are starving. Even if it’s 6am they need to eat straight away. So I’m going to pack some cereal and some pancakes for quick wins. It makes me laugh when I’ve had to declare these items for bringing them into the US…like I’m worried my kids are going to have enough pancakes at Disney so I’m bringing my own! I’ll transfer the cereal into a freezer bag so it’s less room.

I also need to pick up a couple of Robinson’s squashed. In the resort we get refillable cups to use with the Freestyle Coke machines. I don’t like the kids drinking too many fizzy drinks though so I will take the mini squash bottles into the park and order water with the kids meals. That way if we are sharing quick service meals I can also get an alcoholic drink with the meal for myself…winning!


I will take flip flops as will Steffan…we are both fine walking miles in them. However, if it rains then flip flops aren’t ideal, nothing worse than flicking dirty water up the back of your legs. So I’m going to travel in trainers in case I need them. I just can’t bring myself to purchase those shoes with lots of straps that dry out quickly and I will NEVER EVER wear Crocs!

The kids have sliders/flip flops/trainers…they need an extra combination as I know they will say whatever they are wearing will rub them so always best to have a different option to use for the next day.

Last time we had a double buggy plus a single even though Lottie was 5. You see lots of bigger kids in them because there can be a huge amount of walking. I’m not ruling out renting a buggy for a day if Xavier is flagging at all.

Zip-lock bags

On all the Disney forums I see people saying to take these with you. To put wet clothes in, to put sun cream in for the parks…loads of different reasons so I figure I’ll pick up on this tip and throw a few in just in case.

I think that’s all…if you can think of anything I’ve missed that you’ve ever found helpful let me know…I’ve still got 5 days to add it in!

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